Pimped Rockin Rides

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Pimped cars are the coolest vehicles on our road and if you own a pimped car you will know the jaw dropping, star struck look people give you ever day. If you want to own one of these sexy customised cars then get ready to dish over a heap of your hard earned money and have the patience of a monk.

These pimped cars look incredible crusin along the boulevard, but only the owners know, the blood, sweat and tears than goes into getting their machine on the road. If you want to get a sneak peak of what goes on behind the filming of pimping a car then check out the is Huffington Post article. Although this TV show demonstrates them putting these cars together in lighting speed, in actual fact it can take 6 to 12 months to get the job finished. So if you are ready to pimp your car out, remember it’s going to take longer than a couple of days or even a couple months if you want the job done right.

A fantastic example of a guy who pimped his ride and has the patience to get the job finished is Rod Berry. Ron Berry is not only passionate about customised cars, but has taken it to a whole new level with his split screen kombi van!


First Pimped Cars

Pimped cars go back to the time when cars were first invented by Karl Benz if 1885. But then it wasn’t the thirty two inch spinner rim, but the thirty inch polished wooden spokes. These archaic cars were the coolest thing on the block that’s for sure. And if you had one of these pimped rides you also had money, respect and power. These banging buggies had a 2.9 liter donk and reach a roaring top speed of around 72 kilometers per hour. If you splurged for one of these babies in the year 1910, you would have needed around nine hundred bucks. So let’s put his into perspective in 2015 with the Lamborghini Veneno. It’s priced at around $4,500,00 and reaches a top speed of around 350 kilometers. In the next 50 years will have pimped rides that fly through the sky, instead on driving on dirty old roads, so get ready for that! But in the mean time let’s stay focus on all the cool machines at ground level.

Type Of Pimped Rides

 Hot Rods – these machines were common place in the 1930s, they were made popular by the original gangster pinstriped suits and tommy guns. They started racing early in their life on the salt beds of California. The owners of these badass street machines, would strip down componentry to lighten the weight load. The modifications would include oversized exhaust, larger intake manifolds, removal of the convertible top and sometimes even the fenders themselves. Tires would be replaced by wider more durable ones. Paint jobs were also one of the aesthetic modifications, from the factory drab, to bright assertive colours and pin stripping.

 Lowriders – commonly known for cruzin just above ground level were introduced into California in the mid 1940’s. The lowing of the vehicle gave it a distinctive look as it drove through the street. Originally owners of the lowrider would use some type of weight inside the vehicle to physically lower the vehicle. Now days specialised suspension is used to decrease the height of the car by 5 inches of more. Ron Aguirre was one of the biggest innovators to the culture by developing a hydraulic system for adjusting the height of any vehicle. The lowrider is a very specific look and people who have a car worth $500 car to $500,000 cars are implementing the style.

Fast 4s – are extremely popular now with the Fast and the Furious movies. Fast 4s stand for fast four cylinder cars. These are stock standard small car that have major engine modification under the hood. Some of these include 30lb turbo systems which rocket the car in the quarter mile. Other popular modifications are the body kit, suspension upgrades, tuned exhaust systems and custom paint jobs. Car manufactures have heard the call and are now making these vehicles right off the production line. Like the Mitsubishi EVO4, Subaru WRX and Ford TX5, all are design off rally mods and racing car specs.

People who are Pimping Their Rides

The culture of Pimping cars is now inbred deeply into our everyday culture. And before kids are even able to drive, they’re planning their modification they going to do to their first car. Of course the best pimped out car are where people have excess finances. Many rappers and celebrities are customising their rides. Famous rapper Snoop Dog is rocking it hard in his 1968 Cadillac Coupe De Ville. Justin Bieber’s cruising in his Matte Black Cadillac CTS-V Coupe. And Jay Leno is flying in his Mercedes McLaren SLR price around $450,000. Where there is cash, they’ll be customised cars, because they are not only extension of our personality, but piece of artwork as well.

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