Pimping Business Vehicles


When it comes to pimping out your Adelaide vehicles for business purposes, a lot of companies focus on three main modifications of LOOK, FEEL and SOUND.

It’s become a normal and everyday occurrence to see Adelaide trucks with pimped out driver cabins. Truckers that take extra pride in their cabs, trick it out with all sorts of chrome, metallic paint jobs and airbrush women on the side. This adds loads of sex appeal to the vehicle and these machines are truly the chariots in our modern world. Truck cabins are mainly for private use only, they do not have general public entering and exiting their vehicles. Most truck cabs will have a pimped out exterior to their truck, but the interior is pretty stock standard. It is great for private pimped rides, but what about vehicle for the public.

One of the industries where businesses are pimping their cars hard is the limousine and chauffeured car industry. Adelaide limo hire businesses know exactly how important it is to give patrons the rock star pimped out experience. And they defiantly follow the Look, Feel and Sound approach to pimping their sleek and sexy rides.

LOOK – the exterior of a vehicle is the first impression you get of that company and first impressions count in business. Customised paint jobs and airbrushing is rarely seen in limousines, but the paint job is very important. Highly polished duco, gleaming with rich lustring lacquer and vibrant striking colours is where limousines get there superior decadent appeal. A pop up plasma screen is common is a lot of professional limos and to go the extra mile, some companies put in a disco floor with strobe lighting.

FEEL – Where the limousine industry focuses on their true customisation is in the interior of their vehicle. When you enter a professional limousine you will feel like you are entering another world. Rich vibrant coloured leather, mini bars and neon lights make you feel the luxury opulence of the rich, famous and rock star lifestyles.

SOUND – having a superior sound system in stylised limos is an absolute must. Being immersed it the luxury experience, means hearing your favourite music vibrate through your body. Most party bus and limo companies will have large amplifiers powering a dozen different speakers and sub-woofers. A great luxury car should have your head ringing when you exit the cabin.

When deciding to pimp out your business ride, there are a few things to consider. Customers only take pleasure in what they can see and touch. So spending $15,000 of a fully tuned and modified engine may not add much value for everyday customers. Give them things they can enjoy with their eyes and hands. Having sexy rims, a lustrous paint job and an interior that dazzles will do wonders for your patron’s enjoyment. Remember you don’t always have to spend the earth to pimp out your business rides. Sometimes it’s the little extras you include that make all the difference. So do you research and find out what’s really important to your customers. As often times, doing a little research will bring in some surprising results and they may be things you can modify, that are a lot cheaper than expected.