Pimping Your Personal Ride


There are many different ways to pimp your personal ride and expenses can quickly spiral out of control. So to start we are going to give you some tips to lower the costs. If this is your first pimp car then one of the easiest ways to make a car look great is buy a set of rims and tyres. A new set of rims can make all the difference to a standard vehicle. And now days you can get them very cheaply, some places even sell them second hand. It’s better to buy them new, as with second hand rims, it’s hard to tell if they have been damage in any way. Damaged rims can lose their integrity and safety, so stick with a new set. Do your research and find out how big you can go without making the vehicle illegal. In some states you can modify rims 1 – 2 inches bigger that the standard ones. So if your car originally had 14” rims you could put on 16” rims. But each state is different, if you live in Adelaide check with the SA transport authority.

Which profile size should you choose? Well profile size has change a lot from the Hot Rod days. The lower the profiles size the sportier and sleeker the car is going to look. But it will also ride quite hard on the road. Before you invest all your hard earned cash into new wheels and rims, go for a ride in a car that has them. Maybe a friend or the tire shop owner that sells the wheels can take you for a ride to test out simple ones. As you may find the ride is so hard it may not suit you for practical day to day driving.

As well as tiers and rims, lowering your car with new suspension can give you that lowrider look. But before you go and lower your car 5 inches, test a car that has this already done. The lower your suspension goes the rougher your ride on the highway.

The inside of your car is where you are going to spend most of your time. So adding something you are going to enjoy every day, like a new steering wheel is a great modification. A slick steering wheel can add an immediate badass look to the interior. Choose something that matches the car, is comfortable and is not going to get you fined if you are pulled over. I know there are many lowriders out there with welder chain steering wheels that look amazing! But if you are driving everyday they may become frustrating. It is best to check with your road transport authority to find out the minimum and maximum size you are allowed. And find one that is hot and sexy but also legal to that vehicle.

A pumping car stereo is also another item you can add to your new pimped cars without over capitalizing. What do I mean by that? Well if you add new rims, a new steering wheel and stereo system to your car, then if you sell your car down the track, you can take those things with you to your next car. It’s very hard to take a new paint job to your next machine!

Stereo componentry is quite cheap now days, a lot of the time the stereos are so powerful you don’t even need an extra amplifier. This is a great way to boost the inside of your pimped ride. Do your research into the different systems out there and go for something that is quality, as it will last a lot longer than the “knock off” brands. Starting off with a great head unit and 4 x three way speakers is the first step. This makes your car sound like the inside of a club. You can always add sub-woofers and individual tweeters later on for quality.

When pimping you first ride, make your choices wisely. And don’t go straight for the hydraulic system on your first go. As you’ll find the more cars your pimp out you’ll learn ore and more tricks to save money. Have fun; keep learning and trying things out! Remember it’s more fun to do little things to your machine and be able to keep driving it, than do major modifications and have your ride off the road for months!